CTD - Warehousing

With 7,000 m² of storage area, we are the market leaders in the area of midsize warehousing

Large enough to offer every facet of professional distribution and storage, yet small enough to serve our target group of small-to-middling businesses individually and extremely flexibly.

An overview of our configuration and our services:

Warehouse configuration:

  • approx. 3,000 m² high-rack storage
  • approx. 3,000 m²  block storage
  • approx. 500 m²  for return management
  • approx. 500 m²  commissioning and packaging area
  • approx. 1,000 m²  free space for special-offer goods
  • 3 warehouse access roads
  • 10 lorry gates with loading ramps
  • 4 ground-level gates, one of them 4.02m high
  • Highly modern truder alarm and fire alarm systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Electronic warehouse administration


  • Distribution
  • Reloading
  • Cross-dock
  • Packaging
  • Packaging as air and ocean freight
  • Container stowage conforming to IMO
  • Promotional goods

Indicators 2015

commissioned consignments

TEU unloaded/stowed containers

Tonnes of trans-shipped goods