CTD – Recyclable materials

We dispose of your metal and electrical scrap free of charge!

Recycling valuable materials plays an increasingly important role in our society because reusing them helps to save natural resources. As a company certified under Section 53 of the German Recycling Law (§53 KrWG), we contribute by accepting valuable materials, reprocessing them and returning them to the material exploitation cycle.

Our service for tradesmen:

What do we dispose of for you?

  • All non-ferrous and non-precious metals (copper, brass, bronze/red bronze, aluminium, lead, zinc, tin, iron, steel, scrap hard metal)
  • Mixed scrap (scrap beams, foundry scrap, brake discs, aluminium wheel rims)
  • Electrical scrap (PCs, mobile phones, boards, circuit boards, cables, hard discs, printers)

How does it work?

  • You phone or e-mail us and tell us what kind of scrap and how much you have
  • We send a vehicle to you to load the scrap
  • Alternatively, you order a lattice box or container from us free of charge and we fetch it once it is full

Your benefit?!

  • No leftovers cluttering up your property or your halls
  • You do not have to bother with disposal (recycling depot etc.)
  • Lattice box or container is fetched within 24 hours incl. delivery of an empty replacement vessel

Our service for private persons:

You have recyclable materials and/or scrap?

  • Bring us your scrap/your reusable materials, we weigh everything and pay you directly with no complications on the basis of current raw material exchange prices. You will find us here: Gothaer Strasse 6, 40880 Ratingen.
    1. Then pack up your scrap/your recyclable materials, such as metals, but also computers, TV sets, circuit boards, cell phones, old cables, aluminium wheel rims etc.
    2. Take the package/packages to the post office and send it to us: Cargo Truck direct CTD GmbH, Abteilung Wertstoffe, Brandenburger Str. 40, 40880 Ratingen
    3. As soon as we receive your package, we weigh everything and pay you at our curerent daily rate.
    4. We also reimburse you for the postal charges. You have no expenses and receive a fair price.
    5. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, enclose your bank account details in the package.You are not in our vicinity?
    6. Please note: if you are sending a larger amount, please enclose a copy of your identity card as well.