Corporate philosophy

Cargo Truck direct, that is US
Cargo Truck direct is composed of people who take responsibility on behalf of the company and our customers. Cargo Truck direct has been developed step by step by its employees into a respected and successful company. For every phone call and every order accepted, we do our best. Thus the whole team sees itself as a partner in the success and reputation of Cargo Truck direct.

We are hard working and acknowledge hard work!
Our aspiration and understanding requires a high level of personal commitment and responsibility. As a performance-oriented company, Cargo Truck direct rewards that commitment with a performance-based salary and numerous possibilities for individual continuing education and training.

A company for entrepreneurs
We give members of our team entrepreneurial freedoms and our full confidence and trust. This enables them to individually and autonomously plan and guide the business processes. At Cargo Truck direct, people with real entrepreneurial spirit and high self-motivation are in the right environment to develop further in the profession and to realise themselves.

Sincerity and honesty are the cornerstones of our success.
We demonstrate our high standards daily to our customers and partners. Our aim is to build loyal, long-term customer relationships by treating our customers fairly, meeting their needs and gaining their trust. These relationships based on honesty and sincerity are the foundation of our success.

Close to the customer
A perfect customer service is not only our promise, but the uncompromising nuts and bolts of each of our actions. Customer service is also a major factor in terms of career opportunities within our team. Our perception of good customer service: we are only satisfied when we exceed our customers' expectations. That we achieve this is reflected in the longstanding loyalty of our customers.

Innovation through motivation
Cargo Truck direct has recognised that the motivation of our team is the key to innovation. Through highly motivated team members, optimisation potential in business processes can be better and more quickly identified and implemented, which in turn enables the growth potential of the entire enterprise to be fully exploited. We promote innovations and optimisation in customer service through transparent communication and permanent process analysis, going as far as to include the opening up of new business sectors.

Together we are strong
For the success of our ideas and the pursuit of our goals, we work hard together as a team. The term team doesn´t stand for: "Tony will do it, Ego, Abdicate, Mañana". For us it is self-evident that the pursuit of common goals in a friendly working atmosphere leads to a team spirit which releases high energy and enthusiasm. With this realisation Cargo Truck direct promotes cohesion between team members, because they form the foundation for our company's success.