Cargo Truck direct

Our company has grown steadily since its establishment in January 2011. Owing to the professional expertise of our personnel, the following mission was clear from the start:

Whatever we do, we must do it differently from other operators – faster, more reliably and more neutrally.

Faster, because you can reach our permanent contact partner 24 hours daily on 7 days per week, and because our branches are located in the vicinity of airports and trade fairs.

More reliably, because our qualified and professional employees and services play our role in the transport process with great commitment and motivation to ensure that your goods are dispatched punctually and safely.

More neutrally, because all transport vehicles we use for deliveries to our customers, from cars to lorries, are kept visually neutral.

Cargo Truck direct is represented at a total of two locations. Our branches in Düsseldorf and Bremen are positioned at two of the most important logistical junctions in Germany and therefore enable us to find and quickly implement adequate solutions for your orders.

In recent years, we have developed into the German market leader in midsize warehousing. Three more airfreight shipment firms are currently located along with us here in the Ratingen Aircargo Centre, and all this is right next to the third-largest German airport, the Düsseldorf International Airport.  Further reputable forwarding agents will move in during the next few months.

The progress made in recent years shows that we are on the right track. We are therefore successively expanding our existing business segments and are taking further fundamental steps forward. The two-man team that launched the company in 2011 has meanwhile grown into a team of over 30 people, who are ready to serve you with their know-how and engagement.

Trust our qualified staff and let us convince you with our fault-free and above all punctual service.

We look forward to you!