Business segments

  • CTD - Off-airport services

    100% service, 100% competence, 100% quality

    Established 2011 as “local short-haul airfreight truckers” at our Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) site, we have continuously expanded our core competence during the past five years and are now one of the few actors at the Düsseldorf airport who offer the entire spectrum of “off-airport” services from one operator. We are approved by the Federal Aviation Office as a regulated agent with the number DE/RA/00878-02.

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  • CTD - Transports

    On the road at home, locally – nationwide – internationally

    Good preparation and organisation decide whether a consignment can be shipped at a favourable price as groupage transport or a complete load, or whether it has to be dispatched at a very high cost in a special transport. We command every facet of road haulage so that we can produce the right custom-tailored solution for every requirement.

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  • CTD - Warehousing

    With 7,000 m² of storage area, we are the market leaders in the area of midsize warehousing

    Large enough to offer every facet of professional distribution and storage, yet small enough to serve our target groups of small-to-middling businesses individually and extremely flexibly.

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  • CTD - Return service and marketing

    The new second market – a great opportunity for all participants

    Ordering products online has never been as easy as today. Some 2,500 billion packages were mailed in Germany last year. But: some 5 – 10% were returned, which is a major cost-intensive problem for many traders because, among other things, it generates additional storage, personnel and return-mail costs.

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  • CTD - Recyclable materials

    We dispose of your metal and electrical scrap free of charge!

    Recycling valuable materials plays an increasingly important role in our society because reusing them helps to save natural resources. As a company certified under Section 53 of the German Recycling Law (§53 KrWG), we contribute by accepting valuable materials, reprocessing them and returning them to the material exploitation cycle.

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  • CTD - Business formation and development

    Your business - in our hands = success

    You wish to establish a company in the Federal Republic of Germany or expand into the FRG from outside its borders? We help you right from the start and assist you as long as you wish.

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  • Düsseldorf branch
    Brandenburger Str. 40
    40880 Ratingen

    Phone: +49(0) 21 02 – 12 69 2 20
    Fax: +49(0)21 02 – 12 69 2 22
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Bremen branch
    Geeren 24
    28195 Bremen

    Phone: +49(0)4 21 - 4788678-0
    Fax: +49(0)4 21 - 4788678-99

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